My Books

One of my hobbies is writing fiction novels. I tell myself I do it only for myself. Sometimes I struggle with the fact that I have never made attempts or put forth substantial or sustained efforts to be a "published author". I also tell myself that is becauase I struggle with the semantic difference between a writer who does it for fun and an author that does it for money, or recognition, or whatever. Rather than obsess about it I just write down a story I think I’d like to read.

My Music

I am like most people... most humans.. in that music is a fundamental part of my identity. I was raised in an environment of diverse (and often opposing) musical tastes. As I developed my own tastes, I branched from those to even more distinct styles and genres. When I started creating music in my late teens (mostly synthesizer and electronic) I was really only creating (and still creating) facsimiles of my favorite sounds, patterns, and artists.

A Few of My Favorite Things...

A random collection of things I like the most.

It's kind of odd, the collection of impulses and memories that make a thing our "favorite". These things we come back to, again and again, that hold a timeless presence yet never seem old enough to be just mere nostalgia. As time marches on we, in one moment, marvel at the age of a thing and in the next, on how it feels like just yesterday when we discovered this thing for the first time. I have chosen three common categories out of too many to list. I suppose if you are a stranger looking to get close to someone, knowing their favorites is an instant connection. Listing them on a website that bears your name, maybe not the best thing to do!