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I first started recording "old school" (Tascam 4-track, Roland JD-800, Roland JW-50, Korg 01, and lots of lower end synths) around 1990. I was not a natural. I understood just enough to be dangerous to the ears of those around me. Over time the technology and my skills have progressed though admittedly not at the same pace. Today my arsenal of tools and synths has grown to include various physical (Korg Trition, Korg Radias, et al) and many virtual software instruments (Roland Cloud, Native Instruments etc.) Logic Pro X is among the coolest things ever invented. I don't sing so everything here is instrumental sometimes with verse and chorus structure to contain words I've written but will never be sung.

A Sample of Works

I do a lot of what I call “rough works”... these are compositions where I am usually shaping sounds and patterns into themes or motifs that I can come back to later to finish out the composition. I have hundreds of these little patterns and grooves I’ve created, many of which are usually abandoned. When I get interested in one or later rework it completely into something else, I drive to work it into a structure that is listenable. Many times, these take the form of a builder track where I layer in various parts of a repeating patterns to a main theme and then roll off into the partial pattern. I don't have the mastering skills to get them perfectly mixed, but I try my best to make a final version of reasonable quality. These are a few of my favorites tracks.


mikehaddon · Rough Works